Seaford Life Saving Club is a volunteer organisation that provides beach patrol and rescue services, first aid and lifesaving training to the Seaford and surrounding areas. 

At Seaford we strive to provide a safe and friendly environment that grows and changes to suit our current and future members

Seaford Life Saving Club is located on the foreshore, Nepean Highway
‚Äč(opposite Station Street) Seaford.

Seaford Life Saving Club is a smoke and alcohol free facility.

The 150 m long pier and the lifesaving club, founded in 1936, provide the focus for this beach.

Seaford Life Saving Club is run entirely by volunteers.  

The club is focused on patrolling the beach, training and community involvement. 

Seaford Life Saving Club relies on the generosity of the community, fundraising and grants to remain operational.

New members are always a welcome addition to the club.


Our Strategic Plan contains the Clubs vision and mission statements. It is used to set our priorities, focus our energy, resources and strengthen operations to ensure we are all working towards common goals.

Seaford Life Saving Club Strategic Plan