About Us - Seaford Life Saving Club 

The local Life Saving Club is an essential icon of Australian beach culture: red-and-yellow caps; hot chips from the kiosk and the seagulls that love them; melting icecreams and sandy suncream; noisy nippers competitions, and surfboat racing at dawn. Traditionally, this quintessential Aussie scene would all play out around a concrete, brick and/or timber club house: usually a slapdash, piecemeal construction built sometime between 1900 and 1970.

The new Seaford Life Saving Club is just as iconic and just as Aussie, but gone are the bare-minimum amenities and beach-shack ambience. In its place is a new generation of Surf Life Saving Club: a sophisticated, layered, timber construction the colour of sand, tanned skin and sun-bleached hair.

Board of Management
President - Darren McLeod
Darren joined Surf Life Saving in the early 80's when he joined Point Leo SLSC, and has been in lifesaving ever since, he is a life member of Life Saving Victoria.
He has been with Seaford Lifesaving Club since 2007.

Vice President / Member Development - Glenn Watson
Glenn has been a member at Seaford Life Saving Club since December 2009 when his son and daughter joined the nipper and SRC programs. While Rachael has moved onto other interests, Kyle has progressed through the club and is now a seasoned patrol member. Glenn is the patrol captain of team A and holds the majority of available awards. Glenn is one of the clubs IRB Training Officers and really enjoys all aspects of lifesaving including developing others and providing a community service at Seaford.
Finance Manager - Karyn Harvey  
Being a beach going family, even though we reside a 40 minute drive away, my kids developed an interest in Nippers. Likewise with many families, I began attending the sessions and helping out where I could. The sense of community at the club was addictive, and 8 years later, I now share in the “can do” attitude, becoming a life saver and a member on the committee.  
On the committee, I fill the role of Finance Manager. This role involves looking after and maintaining the club financial accounts for each division. The divisions of our club are: -  Club General  - IRB Competition  - Fundraising - Nippers  - Operational Patrol &  -                                            Training.
Lifesaving Operations Manager - Justin Taylor
I started my journey in lifesaving at Waratah Beach as a teenager, and then absent for around 20 years when I joined Seaford LSC in 2008 so my daughter could take part in the nipper program. I quickly regained my patrol awards and have been a part of Seaford LSC family since.
My role as Lifesaving Operations Manager includes all things in relation to patrols including; seeking to maintain the clubs adherence to our Patrol Protocol (agreement with Lifesaving Victoria), ensuring we have appropriate rescue ready gear and equipment,                                                 coordinating the rostering of patrols and maintaining OHS standards. 
Education and Training Manager - Berny King
Berny has been a member at Seaford Life Saving Club since the beginning of 2008 when her daughter, Georgia, joined the Nipper program. Both mother and daughter now patrol together on Team C. Berny also became a Bronze Medallion Training Officer at the end of 2014 and really enjoys all aspects of both being a volunteer and being involved in the community at Seaford.
(The folks back home in the Northern Hemisphere still can't quite believe it!)
Secretary / Administration Manager  - Sharon Smith
Fundraising & Sponsorship Manager - Jane Packer
Nipper / Junior Manager - Jackie Goudy
Competition Manager - Ross Taylor
Membership Manager - Currently Vacant
Social and Events Manager - Currently Vacant
Media and Club Communications Manager - Currently Vacant

Member Protection Officers - Darren McLeod / Glenn Watson / Berny King

Grievance Officer - Darren McLeod

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