Education & Training..

Seaford Life Saving Club, in conjunction with Life Saving Victoria, are able to offer members access to high quality training in various areas of lifesaving. 

We aim to provide members with a learning environment that gives opportunities for personal development within lifesaving education while encouraging members to improve their lifesaving knowledge and skills.

Many of the courses offered through Seaford and Life Saving Victoria are accredited under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) and are recognised by workplaces and outside organisations.

Training in the following areas is available to all members of Seaford Life Saving Club:

        • Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) - Bronze Medallion

• Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

• First Aid

• Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate

• Spinal Management

• Silver Medallion - Beach Management

• IRB Driver and Crew

• Radio Operators Certificate

Additionally, members are able to further develop their lifesaving knowledge by working towards becoming a Trainer or Assessor in any of the various streams of lifesaving.


Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate
Wed 7th Nov
Sat 10th Nov
Wed 14th Nov
Sat 17th Nov
Wed 21st Nov
Sat 24th Nov
Wed 28th Nov
Sat 1st Dec
Wed 5th Dec
Sat 8th Dec
Wed 12th Dec
Sat 15th Dec (Assessment)
Wednesday will be 6pm - 8.30pm; Saturday 9am -12pm

Skills Maintenance (Requal)
Sunday 2nd December at 10am-12.30pm
- run/swim/run, rescue, patient assessment, CPR
Friday 7th December at 6pm
- run/swim/run, rescue, patient assessment, CPR

First Aid
(please contact training@seafordlsc.com.au if you are interested)

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
Skills Maintenance (Requal)
Sunday 2nd December at 1:30pm-2.30pm

Spinal Management
Skills Maintenance (Requal)
Sunday 2nd December at 12:30pm-1.30pm

Silver Medallion Beach Management
(please contact training@seafordlsc.com.au if you are interested)

IRB Driver / Crew
Skills Maintenance (Requal)
Sunday 2nd December at 2.00pm