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December 2018 Nipper Newsletter #2

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October 2018 Nipper Newsletter/Guidelines

Seaford Nipper Program.

The nipper program is structured specifically to ages (5 - 14 years) and abilities which gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills required to
be safe around an aquatic environment as well as developing their skills to compete in surf sports.

Nipper Dates & Times:  

The program will run over 13 weeks, with two week break for the Christmas/New Year period.

Week 1            Saturday 8th December, 2018
Week 2            Saturday 15th December, 2018
Week 3            Friday 21st December, 2018
   * 2 weeks break for Christmas and New Year
Week 4            Saturday 12th January, 2019
Week 5            Saturday 19th January, 2019
Week 6            Friday 25th January, 2019
Week 7            Saturday 2nd February, 2019 (Seaford LSC club competitions)
Week 8            Saturday 9th February, 2019
Week 9            Saturday 16th February, 2019 (Seaford LSC club competitions)
Week 10          Friday 22nd February, 2019
Week 11          Saturday 2nd March, 2019 (Seaford LSC club competitions)
Week 12          Saturday 9th March, 2019
Week 13          Saturday 16th March, 2019

We begin every session by gathering in the Community Room at the Seaford LSC for a briefing from the Junior Coordinator regarding the program for the day, announcements from other leaders, a final call for volunteers to help on the day and general housekeeping. Each session is followed by a BBQ.

Saturday sessions will begin at 1:45pm and wrapped up at 4:00pm.
Friday sessions will begin at 5:00pm and wrapped up at 7:00pm.

We appreciate that it can be difficult to get to places punctually with kids in tow, however, please make every effort to be on time. Remember that the car park can be quite full on a warm day and you may need to allow 10 minutes to get to the clubrooms. A smooth start enables all Nippers, parents and leaders to enjoy their afternoon on the beach.

Nippers can only join as part of a Family Membership. As of 2018, the cost of this membership is $140 ($130 if membership is renewed prior to ‘early bird’ cut-off). Please follow the ‘Becoming a Member’ tab on the Seaford LSC homepage. There are no extra weekly payments for the sessions apart from a gold coin donation for the post-Nippers BBQ

Nippers require a quartered cap ($10) and Fluoro Rashie ($20 approx) in order to participate. These will be available from the club during Nipper sessions.

Note: Family Membership also allows for family members to gain Senior Awards & become qualified Patrolling Lifesavers

Parental Involvement:
The Seaford Nippers program is organized and run solely by volunteers, most of whom are parents of Nippers! We make no excuses for expecting all families to get involved somehow, either by assisting or leading a group on the beach (Age Manager), helping with water safety or assisting with First Aid (if qualified to do so), as well as many other jobs. Your child will appreciate you getting involved with them and we'll appreciate the help!

We insist that a responsible adult be present on the beach at ALL TIMES during Nippers sessions. Very occasionally, some children don't want to engage with the group or get involved with the program. In these cases, we may ask you to work with your child in order that the rest of the group is not affected. We want to keep our volunteers on the beach doing the job they volunteered for and not running kids to the toilet or filling water bottles.

Please make sure your Nipper has a full drink bottle with water, and plenty of sunscreen applied before coming to the session. We do supply sunscreen, but it is more effective against sunburn when applied 20 minutes before heading out into the sun.

Member Protection, Safeguarding Children and Young People and other Requirements:
It is a requirement that all adults (persons 18 years old and above) involved with Seaford LSC & the Nippers program MUST have a valid Working with Children's Check (Volunteer) with the Club & Life Saving Victoria noted on the check. We are stringent in enforcing this rule for everyone's safety and well-being. Please note that a WWCC issued for your work doesn't count, neither do occupations that have other systems in place (eg, teacher / Police Officer). If you do not have a valid WWCC you will not be able to be involved with the program, nor will you be able to enter the clubrooms.

Please note Nippers is NOT a learn-to-swim program. It teaches basic lifesaving skills as well as preparing kids for surf competition. Each child will undertake a national based preliminary assessment to gauge their swimming ability. If a child does not meet the required standard they will still be able to participate but with closer supervision by qualified water safety and will be limited to shallow water activities only. Parents with children of limited swimming ability are encouraged to enrol them in swimming lessons.

Once you have completed the membership application process and are a financial member of the club, you will be provided with access to our members-only Facebook page which gives you access to news, events and activities that we regularly host.

We look forward to you joining us on the beach and getting involved with the friendliest Nippers program on the Peninsula !

There is a Nippers noticeboard in the Club which will contain most up-to-date information, contact details and group allocations.
We regularly use our Facebook page to contact our members – you’ll be given access to this once you are a financial member – please check it regularly during the season !
We will also issue emails regularly and in the event of a session being cancelled or amended, we will use SMS. Please ensure the club has accurate contact details.

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